March 8, 2015

After three weeks of disrupted Sunday services for extreme cold and wintry weather in our area, Trinity resumed its regular schedule on Sunday, March 8. Today's service is the first in a series of healing services led by our "bridge" pastor, Rev. Yvonne Rulli-Butler.

Beginning this week, the Tech Team will no longer be editing the service into separate files for posting on separate pages (i.e. the sermon separate from the entire service). To simplify the process, we will begin posting the entire service in one spot. If you prefer to only hear the sermon, you can "click" to it at the identified minute.This week, the sermon begins at minute 35.

In addition, we are seeking feedback from those of you who use this page to determine how (or if) this "Listen In" ministry brings our faith community to you. Please post a comment below when you visit this page to let us hear from you. Where are you? Do you listen often? Can we pray for you or help you? Let us know. Thanks!